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Kenji Takimi - Sessions Vol. 2: The DJ At The Gates Of Dawn - Dancestonelive


Sessions vol 2 de la disquera music mine in, esta bueno bueno
ashhh no quiero escribir
descarguen ¬¬


1. Fire(The Underneath)
2. Now we Iustre(Tones On Tail)
3. Discorobot(Rob’s no ears dub)(Freaks)
4. We were there(118 street mix)(Saro&Black)
5. Get with dis groove(S.W.A.T.)
6. Assault on sanctuary(The Cult)
7. Got to be real(Force of Nature’s 2years waited remix)(Librodisia)
8. The Motive(The Mephisto Odyssey)
9. Duality(Nector)
10. Drum spell(Big200)
11. Silly sally(Sweet Smoke)
12. Turntable turbulance(Idjut Boys)
13. Reflection(Bulb)
14. Miura(Metro Area)
15. Cleopatra in newyork(Madrid de los austrias remix)(Nickodemus)
16. Snakes and ladder(Original)(Sly Mongoose)
17. Lack of dub(Doc Martin and Tony Hewitt)
18. Urchestral Maneuvers(Ray Mang)
19. Interstella overdrive(Rosebud)
20. Trash(Disco theme)(Peter Black(Maxfactor)
21. Anthem 1(Dj Garth and Markie Mark)
22. Say goodbye(Losoul{she’s homeless}mix)(Khan feat.Julee Cruise)
23. Fire(The Underneath)

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